At Nirlep, we value the flow, accuracy and robustness of the process. The auto-parts are products of a neatly defined system, which transforms a raw aluminium billet into a component of high functional value.


Forging is where the billet starts to become a part. An intricate process at Nirlep makes the parts precise and consistent in measurements. The strength of our machinery can be understood from the fact that it achieves desired accuracy consistently. Different requirements can be met with Nirlep’s comprehensive capability in various types of forging and tool designing.

Pistons in accutuation device
for Brake systems
Piston for Carborators
Exhuast Control Cyliner
in Commercial Vehicles
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the Forging Process

Heat Treatment

Forged parts gain strength before machining in this process. Heat treatment at Nirlep is a specialised process. Completely automated shell type drop bottom furnace means all process parameters are strictly followed and optimum output is ensured. The results achieved reflect in the ease with which drilling, grinding and other operations can be carried out in the further steps.

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the Heat Treatment


Machining is where two key strengths of Nirlep Engineering stand out – customisation and accuracy. A number of machines serve various requirements and purposes. CNC machines along with a robot, form a highly sophisticated unit. The programmed activity takes productivity to new heights with immaculate repeatability.

Nirlep’s extensive expertise is also applied in the process of grinding where a surface finish of less than Rz 2.4 microns is achieved. The grinding process is augmented by a state-of-the-art coolant filtering plant. Other machines like VMCs and SPMs carry out different operations catering to different requirements. The accuracy of the processes is consistently maintained within 10 microns.

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the Machining Treatment

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment readies the parts to stand extreme conditions while performing. Anodizing is an essential step that gives wear resistance, corrosion resistance and hardness to a surface. The setup is a completely modern unit of automatic programmable rectifiers, ultrasonic cleaners and titanium racks. What ensues is a part with accuracy of 5 micron and hardness of 400 HV.

Nirlep carries out non-stick coating on an exclusive scale and technique. The automated process has an accuracy of +/- 3 microns. The sophistication reflects in every step of the process. The all important step of curing is marked with online real-time mapping facility. This builds high durability in the parts. All such factors contribute towards a magnificent capacity of 7,00,000 pieces per month.