Nirlep Engineering is where we combine knowledge with application, innovation with method and enormity with precision. Under Nirlep, we are emerging as a brand with an identity of our own. Our niche in Aluminium forged and machined components helps us stand above and apart.


The legacy of Nirlep Engineering lies with Nirlep Appliances. Founded by Mr. N.G. Bhogale, it began with stainless steel x-ray film processing accessories. In 1968, the first non-stick pan was developed and in 1972, a separate unit dedicated to the pans was established.

The coating technology was extended to auto-components in the ‘90s. Powder coating, electroplating and manufacturing found base. In 1999, a formal integration took place. Keihin Fie’s assignment of coated pistons became the stepping stone.

The continual sustainable growth has helped us step into manufacturing. Today, more than 3.6 million auto-components are manufactured per year at Nirlep Engineering. The clientele for brake pistons includes the illustrious Bosch. A recent audit by Toyota Japan has earned us the approval for supply to Toyota India.


To carve a niche space and specialty in the Aluminium forged
and Machined Components.


The contributing factors in our growth are adherence to quality and values. We have been working within the framework of law and owe complete respect to every necessary logistical detail. The same is reflected in every aspect of our operations. From manufacturing processes to the quality checks, we design each step with care.

For our employees, we respect every individual’s dignity. We provide space for learning and hence, mistakes. Through transparent communication, growth becomes an exhaustive process. It is through this dialogue and appreciation, that we achieve mutual growth.



Our passion for engineering is built on the base of expertise, capacity and a constant zest for innovation. Engineering also teaches us that a magnificent whole is built out of sturdy details.

From designing to manufacturing to finishing, we believe in indulging in every step of making auto-parts that would build exquisite automobiles.